Tuesday, January 26, 2010


There are plenty of new things going on.

1) We are currently handing out coupons for Dual Deals! 15% off any piece of jewelry here at the store made or made-by-you THEN take your coupon to Birdie for 15% off flowers or free delivery on Valentine's day.

2) February 11th, don't miss the fun at the store with performances by Tall Sky Singers and Brother Gruesome/Todd Jackson. Of course there will be party favors and maybe a drawing for a free necklace, or something...

3) My BABY is due soon, so if you come by the store and I'm not here, you'll know why. We are expecting our little boy or little girl at any time now. There will be some photos up some day.

4) We are completely re-merchandising everything in the store, which means there may be some specials on old jewelry sooner or later. Also, if you are interested, you could stop by and see the awesome work that Wills, Seth and myself did on one of the walls in the store!